Besides mountains and waters the Chiemgau is characterized by it`s unique fauna and flora, with upland moors, nature reserves, alps, and flood reeds.
Due to the regions popularity, tourists can find well-developed biking- and hiking trails.
In summer tourists like using the theme paths and long-distance trails, like e.g. the Maximilians- and Schmugglerpath, the Fernwanderpath E4 (long-distance), Salzalpensteig or the Route Via Alpina. There`s up to 20 hiking trails signposted around Schleching.

One of the most popular destinations is the region`s landmark - the "Watzmann". With its 2.731m it is the highest point of the Berchtesgadener land. The nationalpark Berchtesgaden is one of UNESCO´s declared biosphere reserves and a real experience of nature. Among other things, there you`ll find the "Blaueisgletscher" (blue ice glacier) - the most nothern glacier of the alps.

The most famous parts of the mountain chain are the summits "Kampenwand" (1.669m), the "Geigelstein" (1.813m), the "Rauschberg" (1.645m) and the "Hochfelln" (1.674m). Many of these summits are accessible via cable car, e.g. the Kampenwand-railway, Geigelstein-railway, Unterberg-railway, Hochschries-railway, Hochfelln-railway, Rauschberg-railway etc.
Addtionally, there is plenty of options to take off with a kite or paraglider to view the area from above. If you like to, you can book a glider flight or learn to fly in the Alp-Gliding-School.

If you like to explore the region by bike then you have numerous options of routes, because the Achental valley is also part of the ADFC-certified 1.400km long cycle track of Chiemgau.
Next to various circular- and long-distance trails you can also find challenging mountainbike-trails.
Information about the several routes and tours for hiking, climbing, trekking and biking you can find in the official brochure of Bergsteigerdorf Schleching.

Not far you`ll find the lake Chiemsee with 79,9km², with the famous island "Herrenchiemsee" and its impressive castle- and park complex. Lake Chiemsee is not only worth a visit due to its beauty and promenade path, there also is plenty of water sport options, like e.g. sailing, rowing, pedal boat, and of course swimming. If you like to, you can book a Chiemsee boat tour.
People that prefer it a little bit more adventurous, do also have the opportunity to paddle on the Tiroler Achen river through the "Entenlochklamm" or to book a wild-water rafting tour.

A special highlight, in summer and winter, is the popular horse-cart ride.
Please book with the family Wortberg: +498649-9869088

If you don´t feel like conquering the mountains, you still have the option to spend your day on the golf course.
Golf courses close by are the Golfresort Achental and the Golfcourse Reit im Winkl - Europes only cross-border golf course, with 12 holes in bavaria and 6 holes in Tirol (austria).

More information about summer activities you find on the Schleching homepage, here.

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