Green community

Schleching and Achental valley

The commune Schleching right by the border to Tirol (austria), is right in the middle of Achental (ca. 569m above sea level) and is surrounded by high mountains.
The most noteable ones are the Hochplatte, Hochgern and of course the Geigelstein - often called "flower mountain", because of it`s vegetation.

The impressive flora and fauna of this region goes from the valley, over the high alps to the mountain peaks. Several wild animals and rare species are still native in this area. Different gentians and orchids characterize the landscape, that Schleching is so proud of.

The natural habitats do not only include the nature reserve around the Geigelstein or the valley of the tirol alps, but also the upland moor Mettenhamer Filze with it`s grasslands, the flood-reed with it`s blue iris-flowers in June and many more beauties, like the alluvial forests.

For the people here it is very important to protect and sustain this habitat. That is why the residents came together with the ecomodell "Ökomodell Schleching Valley" that is based on 4 pillars:

  • • sustain nature and culture of the landscape
  • • protection of agriculture and farms
  • • eco-friendly tourism
  • • development of eco-friendly energies

Especially a nature-friendly agriculture and the local merchandising play an important role. The consumer in Schleching knows where products come from and can trust in quality and regional sourcing. Particular guidelines ensure honest production and merchandising.

This approach extended to 9 other communes of the Achental valley and is now called "Ökomodell Achental".

Schleching won several awards for it`s role and effort for sustainability.