Greetings from Schleching

The Chiemgau in all it´s facets

Schleching, that is part of Traunstein, is situated in the Chiemgau alps, south of the lake Chiemsee.
The mountain village is surrounded by the typical pre-alpine landscape - green meadows and wooded pre-alp summits.

Schleching lies right at the foot of the famous Geigelstein, east side in the Achental (valley).

The area around the Geigelstein, present nature reserve, is known for it`s biodiversity.
The region is characterized by alps, rivers, waterfalls, and three nature reserves.
Sustainability is very important for the Achental valley and Schleching - which is also why they`ve won several environmental awards with their Ecomodell association.

Schleching is part of the official "Bergsteigerdörfer"/mountain climber villages. The area is not only considered to be one of the best winter-sport locations, but also known to be one of the best spots in summer - with opportunities for hiking, climbing, touring and mountainbiking. In the official broschure 2017 "Bergsteigerdörfer" about Schleching and Sachrang, you`ll find a lot of helpful information about the region, nature and routes.

More information about Schleching you find here.